Publications and Reports

CHA provides information on a broad array of healthcare topics. Through its weekly Update newsletter, Annual Report, reports on hospitals' contributions to communities' health and economic well-being, and other publications, CHA offers information to its members, policy makers and legislators, the media, and the public at-large.

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2021 Connecticut Hospitals Today

2021 Economic Impact Report

2021 Community Benefit Report

2020 Connecticut Hospitals Today

2020 Economic Impact Report

2020 Community Benefit Report

Quality Excellence

2019 Connecticut Hospitals Today

2019 Economic Impact Report

2019 Community Benefit Report

2018 Hospital Key Issues

2018 Economic Impact Report

2018 Connecticut Hospitals Today

2018 Community Benefit Report

2017 Community Benefit Report

2017 Economic Impact Report

2017: Connecticut Hospitals Today

2016 Issue Briefs

Fiscal Issues

Hospitals for a Healthy Economy

Hospitals and Taxes

How Hospitals are Paid

Connecticut Hospitals are Evolving

Community Health

Hospitals Serve our Communities

Hospitals and Health Equity

Hospitals and Population Health

Clinical Issues

Hospitals and Mental Health

Hospitals and Substance Use Treatment

Hospitals: Delivering Safe, Reliable, Quality Healthcare



2016 Community Benefit Report

2016: Connecticut Hospitals Today

2016 Economic Impact Report

CCEA Report: Investing in Hospitals: Projecting Economic Impacts 2016-2013: Study 1
Direct Investment

2015 Community Benefit Report

2015 Community Benefit Report Infographic

2015 Hospital 101

Connecticut Hospitals: Charting a Course for the Future

2015 Economic Impact Report and infographic

CHA’s Mental Health Recommendations brochure

2014 Community Benefit Report Infographic

2014 Economic Impact Report

2014 Economic Impact Report Infographic

Update Newsletter - Update Archives

CHA Annual Report - Report Archives

2013 Community Benefit Report

2013 Economic Impact Report

Hospital 101

Ensuring the Highest Standards of Patient Safety and Quality Care

Guidelines for Conducting a Community Health Needs Assessment

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