Membership Listing

In addition to 27 of Connecticut's acute care hospitals, CHA's membership includes a variety of other facilities and related healthcare organizations, including psychiatric hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, infirmaries, and clinics. Physician group practices, insurance companies, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), preferred provider organizations (PPOs), and other organizational members round out the list.

CHA's members are listed by category below:

Acute Care Hospitals - Short-term general and children's general hospitals, including their related healthcare organizations, but excluding federal general hospitals.

Other Hospitals - Non-governmental psychiatric hospitals; non-governmental hospitals devoted to rehabilitation care or to the diagnosis of chronic disease, substance abuse, or the terminally ill; federal hospitals and state operated long-term hospitals.

Non-Hospital Institutional Healthcare Providers - Chronic and convalescent nursing homes, rest homes with nursing supervision, homes for the aged and similar institutions; infirmaries, dispensaries, clinics, home health agencies, rehabilitation centers, and other similar organizations for the diagnosis, care, or treatment of patients, but not rendering inpatient care.

Other Organizations - Physician group practices; organizations established for the purpose of insuring care such as insurance companies, health maintenance organizations, and preferred provider organizations; organizations that are not directly involved in providing healthcare, but have a substantial interest in health matters as determined by the Board of Trustees.