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Connecticut Hospitals Testify in Opposition to Increased Regulatory Burdens and Call for Action To Address Systemic Cost Drivers

This week, Connecticut hospitals submitted testimony to the Insurance and Real Estate Committee opposing proposals that would put significant regulatory burdens on Connecticut hospitals and health systems. 


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CHA Continues To Monitor and Respond to the Change Healthcare Cybersecurity Issue

CHA is continuing to monitor and respond to the cyberattack against Change Healthcare that has significantly affected hospitals’ operations since Wednesday, February 21. 


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Connecticut Hospitals Continue To Raise Awareness and Work To Address Violence Against Healthcare Workers

CHA remains committed to helping Connecticut hospitals reduce violence against healthcare workers.  This week in CT Insider, UConn Health emergency department nurse Teresa Marks and Stamford Health Director of Security and Safety Joe Hines shared their experiences with harm and harassment they and their colleagues continue to face far too often.


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HRO Forward Statewide Domain 2: Workforce Safety Roadmap Development Meeting

On Tuesday, February 27 representatives from hospitals and health systems across the state gathered together for the HRO Forward Statewide Domain 2 Roadmap Development Meeting at CHA.  This meeting marked the halfway point in the assessment phase of HRO Forward, the statewide high reliability initiative now underway. 


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