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CHA Testifies at Legislative Hearings

As General Assembly legislative committees begin their work in earnest, the Connecticut Hospital Association (CHA) testified on a number of bills at committee hearings this week.


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CHA Participates in Press Conference Highlighting Need to Support EMS Workforce

Standing with the leadership of the Public Health Committee and emergency medical services (EMS) providers from across the state at a press conference earlier this week, Karen Buckley, CHA’s Vice President of Advocacy, spoke in support of legislative action to support emergency medical response in Connecticut.


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CHA Participates in Joint Human Services Committee and Insurance and Real Estate Committee Hearing on COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Unwinding and Medicaid Redeterminations

As the state launches its effort to unwind the Medicaid eligibility requirements of the COVID-19 public health emergency, CHA’s Mark Schaefer, PhD, Vice President of System Innovation and Financing, participated in a joint hearing of the Human Services and Insurance and Real Estate Committees on the state’s plan for processing Medicaid eligibility redeterminations and the effect of this process on Medicaid beneficiaries and providers.


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