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CHA Responds to OHS Draft Community Benefit Report

In response to the Office of Health Strategy’s (OHS) recently released Draft Hospitals’ Community Benefit Report, the Connecticut Hospital Association (CHA) issued a statement highlighting the significant positive impacts of hospital contributions to Connecticut communities confirmed in the report findings.


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The Diaper Bank of Connecticut, CHA, and Lawmakers Partner to Launch Statewide Diaper Drive

On Wednesday, April 17 state lawmakers and constitutional officers will join The Diaper Bank of Connecticut (DBCT) and CHA to kick off Diaper Day at the Capitol, an event to raise awareness about the importance of addressing diaper need and increasing support for Connecticut’s first-in-the-nation Diaper Connections program. 


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Hospital Challenges, Mergers, and Increasing Patient Access: CHA Joins The Real Story

This week, Mark Schaefer, Vice President of System Innovation and Financing at CHA was interviewed on FOX61’s The Real Story to discuss hospital affiliations, the importance of reforming the state’s Certificate of Need (CON) process, and how Connecticut can best support care providers to help patients.


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At the Capitol: Certificate of Need Law Under Scrutiny

This week in a CT Mirror article examining four bills under consideration that would make changes to Connecticut’s Certificate of Need (CON) process, lawmakers and advocates expressed urgency to overhaul the state’s decades-old system due to prolonged authorization delays and insufficient approval deadlines.


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Registration is open for CHA's on-site workshop "HIPAA Privacy, Security & Breach Rules: Keeping Current to Remain Compliant."  CHA also encourages participation in the next three sessions of the Essential Skills Every Leader Needs education series.

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