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Marna Borgstrom to Retire in 2022 as Leader of Yale New Haven Health

Marna Borgstrom has announced her plan to retire as Chief Executive Officer of Yale New Haven Health in the spring of 2022.  In the role since 2005, she has overseen transformation in healthcare at the hospital system, state and federal levels. In the process, she has earned the admiration of many, including her colleagues in the Connecticut Hospital Association (CHA).


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Christopher O’Connor to Take the Helm at Yale New Haven Health

Yale New Haven Health (YNHHS) announced this week that Christopher O’Connor has been chosen as the next CEO of YNHHS.  He will assume the position in March 2022 upon the retirement of current CEO Marna Borgstrom.  Chris has served as President of YNHHS since 2020, before which he was Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for eight years.  He was named President and CEO of Saint Raphael in 2009, and has held prior executive leadership positions in Boston and New Orleans.


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CT Insurance Department Approves Health Plan Rate Increases

Last week the Connecticut Insurance Department issued its final rulings on 15 health insurance rate filings for the 2022 individual and small group markets.  The filings were made by 11 health insurers for plans that currently cover about 222,700 people.  The average rate increase requested in the individual market were reduced by 35% from the requested 8.6%, resulting in an average increase of 5.6%.  The average rate increase requested in the small group market, were reduced 48% from a requested average of 12.9%, resulting in an average increase of 6.7%. The Department of Insurance estimates the final rate increases imposed represent more than $76 million dollars in avoided consumer cost increases.


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