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CHA and Hospital CEOs Participate in Healthcare Cost Drivers Forum

Today, CHA’s Jim Iacobellis (Senior Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs) and Paul Kidwell (Senior Vice President, Policy) along with Patrick Charmel, CEO, Griffin Health, and Kurt Barwis, CEO, Bristol Health, participated in a forum discussing key healthcare cost drivers.


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CHA Urges Members of the Connecticut Congressional Delegation to Join Call for Pediatric Health Emergency

Citing the dramatic increase in pediatric patients requiring treatment for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection, the increase in influenza, and the possibility that COVID-19 infections may increase rapidly in the winter months, CHA requested that the members of Connecticut’s congressional delegation join their congressional colleagues in calling on the Biden Administration to declare a pediatric health emergency.   


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General Assembly Meets in Special Session

On Monday, November 28, the General Assembly met in a rare lame duck special session. Governor Lamont called the special session to address several issues, namely: extending, then phasing out the state’s gasoline tax holiday; funding for winter heating assistance and pandemic bonuses for essential workers; and making a technical change to the bottle deposit program. 


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