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Healthcare Workforce Burnout on White House Radar

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, MD has released an advisory presenting strategies to address burnout in the nation’s healthcare workforce.  Murthy acknowledges drivers of stress like administrative burdens, worker shortages, and the uniquely traumatic experience of the COVID-19 pandemic are contributing to a critical breaking point in the nation’s caregiving professions.  In the 76- page advisory, Murthy recommends a comprehensive and collective approach to addressing the issue, including improving workplace and learning environments, increasing access to behavioral health resources, preventing workplace violence and promoting peer support and team-based care.  After the past two years’ service, in particular, Murthy asserts the nation has a moral obligation to address the situation, saying our nation’s health depends on the well-being of our healthcare workforce.


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U.S. Senate Committee Considers How to Strengthen Healthcare Cyber Security

Citing the dangerous consequences of cyber attacks on the nation’s hospitals, the chairperson of the U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee led a hearing recently to consider ways to strengthen cyber security in the U.S. healthcare and education sectors.  In opening remarks the Committee chair described the dire consequences of attacks that lock out access to electronic medical records, prescriptions, and test results, delaying life-saving treatment for patients.  Strategies discussed include recruiting and training more cyber-security experts to support organizations, developing and sharing best practice strategies for information security, and the establishment of a cyber-security professional in the Department of Health and Human Services to act as a liaison and advocate.


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Comments on Inpatient Prospective Payment System Proposed Rule Due in Mid-June

Hospital advocates have three more weeks to submit comments on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) inpatient prospective payment system proposed rule for FY 2023.  While there is a planned 3.2% rate increase in FY 2023, other cuts, including Disproportionate Share Hospital and other payment reductions, equal a net decrease in payments for many hospitals.  Advocates remain concerned about the impact of reimbursement reductions in a time when labor shortages are causing costs to skyrocket, and hospitals across the country are still dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Specific comments about the proposed rule are due to CMS by June 17.  CHA will be submitting comments, addressing issues critical to Connecticut’s hospitals and health systems.  


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