Data Networking/ChimeNet

Data NetworkingChimeNet is a data networking service that helps hospitals by developing and managing secure, private, electronic connections between hospitals and other entities. ChimeNet’s statewide private backbone network allows hospitals to communicate securely and effectively with affiliated physician practices, payors, clinics and remote sites, third party service providers, and each other, and streamlines the technical infrastructure by removing redundant or unnecessary network connections. ChimeNet is a licensed telecommunications carrier (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier, or CLEC) in Connecticut, and serves a broad array of other customers, including healthcare entities that require data connectivity to hospitals or the Internet, municipal governments, educational institutions, and commercial businesses.

Designing, delivering, monitoring, and managing turnkey network security solutions, ChimeNet stays one step ahead in meeting the evolving needs of every client.

Connectivity Services

  • WAN Connectivity
  • Internet Services

Secure Network Services

  • Managed Firewall Service
  • Managed Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • WAN (Wide Area Network) Connections

Information Technology Solutions

  • Network Hardware Procurement
  • Wireless LAN Design and Implementation
  • Network Monitoring, Support and Reporting
  • Co-Location Services
  • IT Project Management and Consulting

For more information about ChimeNet, contact Rick Schubach, Senior Director, Operations, at 203.294.7364, 866.999.8844, or, or visit ChimeNet's website.