Quality and Performance Reporting

CHA Data Services offers quality and performance reporting through its Toward Excellence in Care (TEIC) program. CHA is one of only seven state hospital associations to offer such a program. TEIC provides acute care hospitals with quality improvement services through data collection and analysis of clinical processes and outcomes. TEIC customers include the majority of Connecticut hospitals as well as several acute care hospitals in Rhode Island.

TEIC offers hospitals practical tools to promote internal quality improvement efforts as well as to help meet increased quality improvement benchmarking and reporting that are required by regulatory and accrediting bodies. TEIC has met the criteria for inclusion in the accreditation process and is included on The Joint Commission’s list of acceptable vendors. TEIC is committed to meeting future criteria established by The Joint Commission.

TEIC partners with Quantros, a premier provider of safety and quality solutions for healthcare organizations throughout the United States; this partnership enhances the ability to serve members by adding measures and functionality to TEIC.

TEIC's Software and Process

Hospitals are kept current with changing Joint Commission and CMS requirements through regular TEIC educational and communication forums, such as monthly conference calls and TEIC User Group meetings.

TEIC's software, powered by Quantros, allows users to abstract from medical records or download from existing hospital systems; identifies the patients that meet Joint Commission/CMS criteria; provides the user with a list of medical records to be abstracted; and allows the user to generate several different types of reports based on their own data, as well as available TEIC, Quantros, and national data for comparison. TEIC's software streamlines the data abstraction process by giving the abstractor the range of possible answers and providing online help. This user-friendly software enables hospitals analyze their data in detail and effectively target their quality improvement efforts, use pre-programmed reports, and also facilitates ad hoc reporting to respond to current needs.

For more information, please contact the ChimeData Help Desk: (203) 294-7333 or chime.data@chime.org.