Hospitals have a long history of fighting infectious diseases and are putting that practice to work in fighting today’s challenge: COVID-19. 


State Updates

Governor Ned Lamont's Executive Orders 

COVID-19 Data Resources

DPH Issues Series of Blast Faxes
Blast Fax 2020-61
Blast Fax 2020-62
Blast Fax 2020-63

DPH Commissioner Order

DSS Issues Provider Bulletin, Important Message and FAQs
Find the bulletin here, the FAQ here and the Message here

State Updates FAQs on COVID-19 Response

CDC Updates Guidance For Workers At High Risk

DPH Commissioner Issues Order

DPH Issues Guidance On Respirator Use And Fit Testing

The Joint Commission To Resume Regular Surveys In June

CMS Programs & Payment for Care in Hospital Alternate Care Sites

DPH Commissioner Order

DSS Updated FAQs Document

COVID-19 Engagement Opportunities

CT Dept. Of Insurance Approves Free Life Insurance Coverage For Healthcare Workers

DPH Releases Updated COVID-19 Guidance for Healthcare Providers

DSS Provider Bulletin/Important Message/FAQs
Click here for the bulletin and here for the message.

Executive and Commissioner Orders-Blast Faxes
A listing of DPH Blast Faxes can be found here.

DPH Commissioner Issues Orders On Out-Of-State Healthcare Providers, click here and here

DPH Blast Fax: Nursing Students Clinical Rotations

DPH Commissioner Issues Order-Update On The Need To Have An Order For COVID Testing

DSS Provider Bulletin-Services Covered under the Optional Medicaid Coverage Group “COVID-19 Testing Group” for Uninsured Connecticut Residents

Connecticut Air National Guard To Honor Healthcare Workers


Webinar Replay-NIOSH/FDA Provide Update on KN95s

FAQ Document From DCP On Pharmacist Role in COVID-19 Testing

NIOSH Provides Update on KN95s

HHS/ASPR COVID-19 Clinical Rounds

Recommendations Presented On Phased-In Opening Of Higher Education
Governor’s press release

AHA Provides Resource On HCW’s Wellness During COVID-19
Additional resources

DPH Releases Updated Guidance for Online Provider Reporting of COVID-19 Cases

DPH Issues Guidance on KN95s and Coveralls During The PHE
The coverall document can be found here.

Additional HRSA COVID-19 Uninsured Program Resources

DCP Issues Enforcement Policy For Deviation From USP 797 Standards During PHE

DSS Provider Bulletins- New COVID-19 Coverage Group For Uninsured Residents; Emergency Medicaid For Non-Citizens; Updated FAQs

HHS/ASPR COVID-19 Clinical Rounds

HRSA To Hold Webinar On COVID-19 Uninsured Program Portal

DPH Issues Order Impacting APRNs/PAs

Reimbursement Program For Healthcare Providers Treating Uninsured COVID-19 Patients

AHA Provides New Resources On Diversity And Health Equity

Childcare Support For Frontline Healthcare Workers

Physical Security Considerations for the Healthcare Industry During COVID-19 Response

DPH Updated Guidance Return-To-Work

OLR Report On CON Waivers During COVID-19 Pandemic

DCP Issues Guidance For Use Of Non-Licensed Personnel During PHE

DSS Important Message And FQAs-COVID-19-Physician's Signature On Home Health Orders

NPR Profiles COVID Caregivers
NPR Profiles COVID Caregivers, Part 2
NPR Profiles COVID Caregivers, Part 3

NPR Profiles COVID Caregivers, Part 4
NPR Profiles COVID Caregivers, Part 5

Extension Of DPH Order Authorizing Visitation Restrictions To Protect LTC Residents During COVID-19 Outbreak

DSS Provider Bulletin 2020-31-Emergency ICF-IID Leave Day Changes

DSS Updated COVID-19 Information and FAQs

DPH Provides Lab Testing Guide For LTCFs And Congregate Settings

DPH Issues Updated COVID-19 Guidance for Healthcare Professionals

COVID-19 Antibody Testing Primer

Veterans Administration Reminds Providers To Screen For Eligibility

Nursing Homes Receive Additional State Resources For COVID-19 Response

DPH Issues Revised Discharge Criteria

DSS Provider Bulletin: 2020-38-Additional Changes to the Synchronized Telemedicine Program

DSS Important Message: COVID-19-Physician's Signature On Home Health Orders

DSS Important Message: Updated Information Regarding the PASRR Process

CHEFA Announces COVID-19 Grant Program

FEMA Releases COVID-19 Hospital Resource Package

Connecticut-Based Manufacturers Retool In Response To The COVID Pandemic

DPH Issues Blast Fax On Discharge to SNFs

Connecticut’s Congressional Delegation Supports Connecticut Hospitals

DSS Issues Several Provider Bulletins
PB 2020-33
PB 2020-22
PB 2020-35
PB 2020-39
CMAP Addendum B
Information and FAQs

Governor Announces Steps To Reopen The State

NETEC To Hold Webinars
Care of Labor and Delivery Patients
Healthcare Workers and Masks

AHA Launches HealthEquip Smart Phone App

DPH Releases COVID-19 Update

AHA Provides Resource To Access PPE


CDC Updates

CDC Issues Interim Updated Guidance

CDC Issues New Guidelines For COVID-19 Antibody Testing

CDC Webinar-2020 Hurricane Season During COVID-19

CDC Releases COVID-19 Resources And Information Related To Healthcare Quality And Worker Safety And Health
For non-COVID-19 clinical care, click here.
For managing workplace fatigue, click here.
For clinical and infection prevention trainings, click here.
For new NIH Treatment Guidelines, click here.

CDC Updated Interim Guidance

CDC Updates Healthcare Infection Prevention and Control FAQs for COVID-19

CDC Updates Guidance On Strategies For Optimizing The Supply Of N95 Respirators

CDC - Guidance on Decontamination and Reuse of Filtering Facepiece Respirators Using Contingency and Crisis Capacity Strategies


CMS Updates

CMS COVID-19 FAQs On Medicare FFS Billing

CMS Releases Additional Waivers For Hospitals And Other Facilities

CMS Conference Calls - Lessons from the COVID-19Front Lines

CMS: Upcoming Requirements For Notification of Confirmed COVID-19 Among Residents and Staff in Nursing Homes

CMS: Re-opening Facilities To Provide Non-Emergent Non-COVID-19 Healthcare-Phase I

CMS Approves State’s 1135 Waiver





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Phone Resources

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Hospital COVID-19 Resources

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Additional Resources

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