Date Bill Committee
04/29/2019 SB 1137, An Act Concerning Deposits In Lieu Of Taxes Finance, Revenue and Bonding
04/29/2019 SB 1138, An Act Concerning Community Restoration Funds Finance, Revenue and Bonding
04/29/2019 SB 1137, An Act Concerning Deposits In Lieu Of Taxes Finance, Revenue and Bonding
04/10/2019 HB 7408, An Act Concerning Municipal Revenue And Stormwater Authority, Studies Of The Pilot Grants Program And A Property Tax Exemption For Machinery And Equipment, And Enterprise Zones Finance, Revenue and Bonding
04/01/2019 HB 7380, An Act Concerning Access To Medical Records That Are Subject To The Federal Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act Judiciary
03/25/2019 SB 859, An Act Concerning Community Health Workers Public Health
03/25/2019 SB 1057, An Act Concerning Opioid Use Disorder Public Health
03/19/2019 HB 7339, An Act Concerning Public Insurance Option Human Services
03/19/2019 SB 1052, An Act Expanding Medicaid Coverage Of Telehealth Services Human Services
03/18/2019 HB 7320, An Act Concerning Emergency Air Ambulance Services Public Health
03/18/2019 HB 7278, An Act Concerning Mobile Integrated Health Care Public Health
03/18/2019 SB 440, An Act Protecting Employee Freedom of Speech And Conscience Judiciary
03/18/2019 SB 1059, An Act Concerning The Unauthorized Practice Of Law And The Prevention Of False Long-Term Care Legal Planning And Advisement Judiciary
03/18/2019 SB 969, An Act Concerning The Reduction Of Economic Damages In A Personal Injury Or Wrongful Death Action For Collateral Source Payments Judiciary
03/18/2019 HB 7193, An Act Implementing The Governor’s Budget Recommendations Regarding Public Health Public Health
03/15/2019 SB 877, An Act Concerning Revenue Items To Implement The Governor’s Budget Finance, Revenue and Bonding
03/14/2019 HB 7164, An Act Implementing The Governor’s Budget Recommendations For Human Services Human Services
03/13/2019 HB 7301, An Act Concerning The Department Of Public Health’s Recommendations Regarding Remote Access To Electronic Medical Records By The Department Of Public Health Public Health
03/12/2019 HB 7292, An Act Concerning Social Worker Title Protection Labor and Public Employees
03/12/2019 HB 7159, An Act Addressing Opioid Use General Law
03/12/2019 SB 1006, An Act Concerning Revisions To The Pharmacy And Drug Control Statutes General Law
03/07/2019 HB 7230, An Act Concerning Interpreter Standards And Improving Access To Public Spaces For Deaf, Deaf-Blind And Hard Of Hearing Persons Human Services
03/07/2019 HB 7267, An Act Concerning Public Options For Health Care In Connecticut Insurance and Real Estate
03/06/2019 SB 939, An Act Concerning Psychiatric Commitment Evaluations Judiciary
03/05/2019 SB 64, An Act Concerning Captive Audience Meetings Labor and Public Employees
03/05/2019 HB 7148, An Act Concerning The State Budget For The Biennium Ending June Thirtieth, 2021, And Making Appropriations Therefor Appropriations
03/05/2019 SB 976, An Act Establishing A Task Force To Study Reimbursement Rates Paid By Health Carriers To Hospitals Insurance and Real Estate
03/04/2019 HB 7198, An Act Concerning Social Workers, a bill that attempts to make modification to state statutes related to social workers. Public Health
03/04/2019 HB 7196, An Act Concerning The Department Of Public Health’s Recommendation Regarding Seat Belts Public Health
03/04/2019 HB 5192, An Act Establishing A Pilot Program Allowing A Tax Credit For Hospitals That Make Beds Available For Opioid Addiction Treatment Services Finance, Revenue and Bonding
02/28/2019 HB 5975, An Act Concerning The Online Sale And Delivery Of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems And Vapor Products Committee on Children
02/27/2019 SB 788, An Act Allowing Municipalities To Impose A Property Tax On Certain Facilities PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE
02/27/2019 SB 905, An Act Concerning Surprise Billing And Reimbursements For Emergency Services Provided By Out-Of-Network Facility-Based Providers Insurance and Real Estate
02/26/2019 SB 896, An Act Establishing Rational Hospital Pricing Human Services
02/26/2019 HB 6924, An Act Prohibiting On-Call Shift Scheduling LABOR AND PUBLIC EMPLOYEES COMMITTEE
02/25/2019 SB 396, An Act Concerning Sudden, Unexpected Death In Epilepsy Public Health
02/25/2019 SB 96, AA Establishing A Working Group To Enhance Physician Recruitment In The State Public Health
02/25/2019 HB 5547, An Act Requiring Physicians To Educate Their Patients Regarding The National Marrow Donor Program Public Health
02/25/2019 HB 6161, An Act Requiring The Use Of Helmets By Motorcycle Operators And Passengers Under Twenty-One Years of Age Transportation
02/25/2019 SB 388, An Act Concerning A Person’s Intersex Status Or Characteristics Public Health
02/25/2019 SB 377, An Act Prohibiting The Use Of Noncompete Clauses In Physician Employment Contracts Public Health
02/19/2019 HB 7101, An Act Concerning Flu Shots For Senior Citizens Prior To Hospital Discharge Committee on Aging
02/14/2019 HB 6913, An Act Concerning Covenants Not To Compete LABOR AND PUBLIC EMPLOYEES COMMITTEE
02/11/2019 HB 5449, An Act Concerning The Donation Of Blood By Minors Public Health
02/11/2019 HB 5444, An Act Requiring The Licensure Of Art Therapists Public Health
02/11/2019 SB 807, An Act Concerning The Legislative Commissioners’ Recommendations For Revisions To The Public Health Statutes Public Health
02/07/2019 SB 40, An Act Requiring Site-Neutral Payments For Health Care Services Insurance and Real Estate
02/07/2019 SB 43, An Act Prohibiting Health Carriers From Denying Coverage For Certain Covered Benefits Provided In Hospital Emergency Rooms Insurance and Real Estate
02/04/2019 SB 16, An Act Prohibiting An Unauthorized Pelvic Exam On A Woman Who Is Under Deep Sedation Or Anesthesia Public Health
02/04/2019 HB 5142, An Act Prohibiting Female Genital Mutilation Public Health
02/04/2019 HB 6942, An Act Concerning A Collaborative Relationship Between Physician Assistants And Physicians Public Health
02/04/2019 SB 796, An Act Concerning Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners Public Health