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Finance and Reimbursement

Connecticut hospitals serve as the healthcare safety net for their communities, caring for all regardless of ability to pay.

Connecticut hospitals remain in fragile financial health. The fundamental problem remains that the constant gap between current cost and payment is impairing the ability of Connecticut hospitals to meet today's obligations and prepare for tomorrow.

Reports and Publications

2019 Connecticut Hospitals Today

2019 Economic Impact Report

2019 Community Benefit Report

2016 Community Benefit Report

2016: Connecticut Hospitals Today

2016 Economic Impact Report

CCEA Report: Investing in Hospitals: Projecting Economic Impacts 2016-2013: Study 1
Direct Investment

2015 Community Benefit Report

2015 Community Benefit Report Infographic

2014 Economic Impact Report

2014 Economic Impact Report Infographic

2014 Community Benefit Report Infographic

2013 Community Benefit Report

2013 Economic Impact Report

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Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Office of Health Care Access


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